"At Peterson Physical Therapy we help Southern Marylanders Fight Pain And Injury To Get Back To The Activities They Love Even When They Think They Just Have To Live With It." 

We know what it's like to feel overwhelmed and over scheduled as a clinican. At Peterson PT we spend 100% of each appointment one on one with our patients. No more double booking and unrealistic productivity quotas. You'll have the time to connect with each and every one of your patients and learn what's most important to them to create an amazing rehab experience for them and for you!

Read our core values below and if you think you'd make a good fit fill out the form below. You'll receive an e-mail with instructions to continue the application process and we'll be in touch as soon as we receive your reply!  


  • 1. Connect Emotionally 2. Create WOW Experiences 3. Anticipate unstated needs of clients and colleagues 4 Be Passionate & Humble 5. Embrace & Drive Change 

6. Invest in Clients & Staff 7. Fun & Positive Team Spirit 8. Consistently Attentive to Patient & Staff Needs 9. Patients are like Cherished Family 10. Pursue Growth & Life Long Learning